Southern Oregon Urban Beekeeping Ordinances

State of Oregon Laws, Chapter 602, Bees: 


Ashland Beekeeping Ordinance (permitted – registration required)

Grants Pass – allows limited urban beekeeping under its Nuisance Ordinance (

The keeping of honey bees (excluding Afrikanized honey bees) in up to two commercial hives to allow for hobby beekeeping provided that no such hive or stand of bees may be kept or maintained at any location within 150 feet of any street, alley, storehouse, establishment, public building, playground, sidewalk, private dwelling or barn, provided however, that this provision shall not apply to the dwelling, barn or other building owned by the person owning such bees.

Medford Beekeeping Ordinance (permitted – registration required)


According to the city council of Jacksonville, Oregon, “there is nothing in the city code that prohibits (beekeeping).” (see

Phoenix – allows limited urban beekeeping under its Animals Ordinance (

6.04.050 – Livestock prohibited zone.

No person shall keep livestock within the city limits of Phoenix. Domestic livestock or insects that can be raised to contribute to a family’s livelihood, limited to bees (Apidae family, maximum two hives), chickens (excluding roosters), rabbits or goats (at maturity weigh less than 100 pounds), and which can live compatibly in an urban setting may be permitted.

(Ord. 875 (part), 2007: Ord. 373 § 4, 1974)

(Ord. No. 925, § 1, 5-17-2010)

Rogue River


Bees may be kept, but no more than two colonies per lot, and the minimum lot size for keeping bees is 8,000 square feet.