Make Solar Wax Melter

Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild member Vince Endter has created some “how to” videos for making bee equipment.

This is a solar oven to melt beeswax out of empty honeycomb. I made this out of a scrap shipping crate. The max temperature it reached was 170°F. Beeswax melts at about 146°, so the temperature was ideal for melting the wax out of the comb.

You can also create a really simple wax melter using an old cooler lined with aluminum foil. Put a plastic container in the cooler covered with a screen with largish mesh. Put a paper towel over the screen, and put your wax cappings/frame scrapings on the paper towel. Cover  with a piece of glass, making sure that bees cannot get under the glass. Viola!