Honey Extractors

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table


Current SOBA members may check out the club honey extractors. We currently have three extractors:

  • a motorized Dadant Ranger Electric Power Extractor that holds 6 mediums  and empties both sides of the frame at a time. Dadant Ranger Manual
  • a hand crank Dadant Radial that holds 6 mediums or 3 deeps and empties both sides of the frame at a time
  • a hand crank Mann Lake Standard that holds 3 frames and empties one side of the frame at a time

We also have an electric uncapping knife, and two regular uncapping knifes available.

Contact Cheryl Housden at (541) 659 6654 or (chousden at earthlink.net) to schedule a pick up. (The electric and one manual extractor).

Grants Pass area: Contact Greg Fernandez at (541) 244-1967 or (honey at messagebox.biz) to schedule a pick up. (One manual extractor).