Bearding or Washboarding?

If you see bees hanging out on the front of your hive, they may be bearding – especially if the temperature outside is over 100 degrees. But check closely. Are they rocking back and forth? Maybe they are washboarding—a very mysterious bee activity! From Katie Bohrer and Jeffery S. Pettis. USDA-ARS […]

Can It Get Too Hot for Bees?

At her recent Spring Management class, Sarah (BeeGirl) told us that when bees get too hot, they shut down production – the queen stops laying and it’s all hands on deck to bring water into the hive. The bees will spit the water inside the hive and fan it to […]

Allergic Reactions to Bee Stings

Contributed by Ellen Wright It seems that whenever a community discusses urban beekeeping, the overriding concern is the fear of being stung by a bee, and the possibility that the sting might be deadly. The data on the true risk of a deadly allergic reaction to an insect bite gives overwhelming […]

Bees on Sarah's finger

Why Do Farmers Grow GMO Crops?

Why do some farmers choose to grow GMO crops? Contributed by Dewey Caron Genetically modified crops – do you believe they are “good” for agriculture or are “bad” for us? Maybe you believe Monsanto and other big ag companies force farmers to use GMO seeds and then lose money because they unnecessarily […]