Local Sources for Honey Bees and Queens   Recently updated !

Several local apiaries offer bees and queens in southern Oregon, including Ruch, the Applegate Valley, Grants Pass, and Jacksonville. Old Sol Apiaries OldSol Apiaries in Rogue River sells queens and Nucleus colonies. Pick up is available from several apiaries in the Rogue Valley. Mated, verified Survivor Stock queen Mated, verified Caucasian […]

Nuc Yard in Georgia

SOBA Summer Bee School July 29, 2017

Watch for our next Bee School in April, 2018. Southern Oregon Beekeepers Association Proudly presents our 2017  Summer Bee School July 29, 2017 Presentations and hands-on demonstrations featuring: Jan Lohman:  Oregon Master Beekeeper instructor, mentor, and committee member. Jan Lohman and partner Vince Vazza run over 2000 colonies based in Hermiston. Jan  is […]

To Catch a Swarm

The first video is a pretty good explanation of catching a swarm. Some comments on the technique to consider: Avoid over spraying the bees, especially if you are putting them into a bucket or container that has no frames. Don’t spray sugar water on the hive entrance either, to avoid robbing. […]

SO What is Your May Plan?

Contributed by Dr. Dewey Caron May and Memorial Day bracket this busy bee month. I start analyzing the pnwhoneybeesurvey responses this month, including those from SOBA members. Results will be posted as soon as I can get them gathered and analyzed. Thanks to all Southern Oregon beekeepers who filled in […]

First Inspection of a New Hive

Now that you’ve installed your NUC into a nest box, what comes next? When and how do you do your first inspection? It’s best to leave the bees alone for at least 2 weeks after installation, except to add more syrup as necessary.  I prefer using jar feeders above the […]

Organic Alternative to RoundUp (Glyphosate)

RoundUp has been in the news quite a lot lately – and the news is alarming. RoundUp has been declared a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organisation (WHO). (news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/04/150422-glyphosate-roundup-herbicide-weeds/)  Retail stores across Europe are taking glyphosate – the main ingredient of Monsanto’s […]

Garden Plants for Honey Bees

Peter Lindtner’s book Garden Plants for Honey Bees provides a beautiful guide to improving bee forage in your garden. He has a list of plants suitable for hobby beekeepers with 1-3 colonies and only 1/4 acre garden. Here is the list – with permission from the author: Suggested Bee Pasture